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Electrical and electronic engineering

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ISAST Transactions on Electronic and Signal Processing , No. 1, Vol. 4,2010 (ISSN 1797-2329), pages: 62 - 73, 2010


This paper deals with the problem of the extraction of vocals from single channel audio signals containing both vocals and other instruments, including both pitched instruments and percussion instruments. A novel median filtering-based approach for the extraction of vocal tracks is described, which is simple and efficient to implement. Further improvements in separation quality are then obtained by the application of tensor factorisation techniques to further extract residual instruments from the vocal mix. Finally, a novel use of non-negative partial matrix cofactorisation is demonstrated as a means of further improving separation quality. Here the original single channel mixture is partially cofactorised in conjunction with the separated vocal signal in order to obtain improved separation of the vocal and instrumental tracks. The effectiveness of these techniques is then demonstrated on a test set of real world signals.


Science Foundation Ireland