Interactive Music Archive Access System

Martin Gallagher, Dublin Institute of Technology
Mikel Gainza, Dublin Institute of Technology
Derry Fitzgerald, Dublin Institute of Technology
Dan Barry, Dublin Institute of Technology
Matt Cranitch, Cork Institute of Technology
Eugene Coyle, Dublin Institute of Technology

Document Type Conference Paper

IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo, ICME, Singapore, 2010


The goal of the Interactive Music Archive Access System (IMAAS) project was to develop an interactive music archive access system which was capable of allowing an end-user to easily extract rhythmic, melodic and harmonic musical metadata descriptors from audio, and allow the user to interact with the archive contents in a manner not typically allowed in archive access systems. To this end, the IMAAS system incorporates a range of real-time interaction tools which allow the user to modify the retrieved audio in a number of ways including the ability to isolate individual instruments in stereo mixes, pitch and time-scale modification, and beat-synchronous looping. This demo gives an overview of the capabilities of the IMAAS application.