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This publication is part of the CitA Bim Gathering Conference held between 18th - 20th September 2023


The evolution of 3D visualisation and the Internet of Things (IoT) presents a substantial opportunity for integrating real-time data with Building Information Models (BIM) to improve its functionality and construction workflow efficiency. Integrating real-time data with BIM can enhance the digital representation of construction buildings’ physical and functional characteristics and provide recordable status of on-site operations. Nevertheless, the integration between Visualisation and IoT technologies with BIM remains in its preliminary stages and faces a myriad of technical and operational challenges. Furthermore, developing advanced solutions to facilitate this complex integration requires a considerable understanding of the viability and feasibility of merging BIM and real-time data sources. This paper presents the early development of a nationally-funded Irish case study deploying a combined camera and tracking solutions that enable the integration of BIM and real-time data through passive data capture. It aims to explore the potential benefits, challenges, and perspectives of integrating the disruptive A-EYE solution for real-time data BIM in Irish construction projects. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with the BIM specialists of an Irish construction company to investigate the data-related challenges to As-built BIM updating. The qualitative data were subjected to thematic analysis to explore their predispositions, expectations, demands, and motivations for utilising real-time data in updating BIM. The research results demonstrated a favourable perspective regarding integrating real-time data sources with BIM, enhancing the efficiency and quality of the As-built BIM development process.



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