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6. HUMANITIES, Musicology

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Successfully submitted for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy Conservatory of Music & Drama, Technology University Dublin.


The enquiry ‘Súnesis’ investigates aesthetic awareness in traditional music practices in Ireland and seeks to evolve an aesthetic discourse with the practices at hand. Súnesis undertakes a critical examination of a suite of performances from contemporary and traditional folk music practices in Ireland. Engaging an interpretative model evolved by Paul Ricoeur, the author designs a dimensional pathway to articulate the modes of consciousness and aesthetic awareness at work in the creative act. It is proposed that a rethinking of traditional folk music is required, beyond the disciplinary, geographical or political boundaries more typically conceived in music studies. With an alternate process of evolving aesthetic consciousness in practice, the challenge proposed is to change the view. It is to engage an active dimensional view, a process of how, through a consideration of discourse and practice, a reflective act upon the reach and realisation of artistic representation may come into play.


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