ICPMA Knowledge Management Centre – Sharing Knowledge in the International Construction Project Management Community

Louis Gunnigan, Dublin Institute of Technology
Wilhelm Reismann, iC consulenten

CIB W55/65 Conference, 27th to 30th Septemeber 2009, Dubrovnik, Croatia


In 2007, The International Construction Project Management Association (ICPMA) established a Knowledge Management Centre (KMC) the objective of which is to share experiences of construction project management amongst academics and practitioners across the globe. A strategy for the KMC was developed and a number of areas were identified as being relevant to the members of the international construction project management community. This paper examines the development of the KMC to date and establishes the achievements to date. The difficulties encountered in the development of the KMC are identified and the causes of these difficulties established. The plan for the future development of the KMC is outlined.