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Business and Management.

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Journal of Administrative Sciences


In the field of management science and business administration, the case method is gaining ground in research as well as in teaching. Case studies support on the one hand exploratory re-search and on the other hand problem-based teaching. However, we find that case research and case teaching remain unchained in management study programs and propose to close this gap. We identify an untapped potential of boosting the case method by integrating case-based re-search and teaching into a discovery and learning journey of applied science. We suggest em-bedding the ‘Integrated Case Method’ (ICM) in the ecosystem of universities to the end of en-hancing and intensifying the knowledge transfer between business and the higher educational sector better thereby achieving better learning objectives in higher education. As a result, this approach enables the development of a high level of contextual intelligence and thus helps to avoid the fallacies of teaching based on uniform theoretical content.

DOI admsci11040113