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Booklet of Selected Theses from the MA in Criminology, MA in Law, MA in Child, Family and Community Studies and the International Masters in Early Childhood Education, 2010-2012.

Booklet produced with the support of Arthur Cox, Solicitors.


This booklet highlights and celebrates the research work of graduates from taught Masters programmes in the School of Social Sciences and Law:

• the MA in Criminology

• the MA in Law

• the MA in Child, Family and Community Studies

• the International Masters in Early Childhood Education, co-delivered with Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (Norway) and the University of Malta (Malta).

The MA in Criminology and the MA in Law commenced in 2006 and the MA in Child, Family and Community Studies commenced in 2007. Each has quickly become established in its field as a popular, exciting and challenging course of study. The International Masters in Early Childhood Education (funded by the European Union’s Erasmus Mundus Programme) has attracted student cohorts from all over the world and has provided a rich learning environment for students, who spend a semester each in Oslo, Dublin and Malta.

Contained herein are the abstracts of selected theses from the four programmes, some details on the researchers and information on where to find the full text of each thesis, many of which are available online at our Institute Repository, Arrow@DIT ( This is the second edition of our Booklet of Selected Theses series, and it celebrates graduates from 2010-2013. Having online access to full thesis text will be of considerable value to other researchers, to our current cohort of students and to prospective students on these MA programmes.

Each of these theses has been judged to be at a very high academic standard. Many shine a spotlight on little researched aspects of Irish society and provide empirical recommendations for policy makers and future researchers. We are hopeful that highlighting graduates’ research in this way may encourage them to further develop their work for publication in peer review journals.

We wish to congratulate our graduates on their achievements – the abstracts presented here are a small representation of the many long hours of work and study which produced the final theses. We wish them well in their future research and professional careers.

We would like to thank colleagues for help in producing this booklet. Joanne Boyle for typing, formatting and chasing up all the parts that make up this document; and Ralph Murphy for uploading the theses to Arrow.

Finally, we would like to acknowledge the commitment and dedication to academic rigour of the thesis supervisors and all our colleagues who lecture on these programmes.

Dr Matt Bowden, Programme Chair, MA in Criminology
Dr Carmel Gallagher, Programme Chair, MA in Child, Family and Community Studies
Dr Kevin Lalor, Head of School of Social Sciences and Law

April 2013




Arthur Cox Solicitors