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Edited by Kevin Lalor and published by Dublin:Oak Tree Press, 2001. ISBN: 1860762204 Reproduced with the kind permission of the publisher


The past decade (1990s) in Ireland has witnessed numerous high profile child abuse scandals, some involving members of the clergy and others occurring in institutions for children in care. A problem that was once seldom or never discussed is now very much in the public arena. The End of Innocence describes the background to the scandals uncovered during the 1990s and the reactions to them, and then provides a thorough understanding of all the issues surrounding child sexual abuse. Leading practitioners discuss the legal and policy issues involved, as well as the therapy available for both victims and perpetrators of child sexual abuse. The book concludes that Irish society’s “innocence” may be gone but there is now an opportunity to ensure that children will be better protected and treated in the future. As Owen Keenan states in the concluding chapter “It is not optimism that will make the difference. Rather it is passion, commitment and dedication. Many of the basic requirements are now in place and there has never been a better opportunity in the history of the State. So one is bound to ask, if not now, when?”

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