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Political science, Media and socio-cultural communication, Interdisciplinary

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Nowa Polityka Wschodnia 2023, nr 1 (36) ISSN 2084-3291

DOI: 10.15804/npw20233614


In their 2015 book International Public Relations and Public Diplomacy: Communication and Engagement, Guy J. Golan, Sung-Un Yang, and Denis F. Kinsey assembled renowned and leading scholars in public diplomacy and public relations to examine the conceptual and practical relationships between international public relations and public diplomacy. The book is a collection of various chapters integrating public diplomacy and public relations research. It argues that public diplomacy should be studied from the public relations perspective because public diplomacy is strategic communication management. Therefore, it should apply ‘key lessons from public relations literature’ (Golan, Yang, 2015, p. 3). It applies some of the key PR concepts like issues and crisis management, relationship management, and others to the public diplomacy field. The book highlights many conceptual similarities between public diplomacy and international public relations, and most of the chapters contented that mass communication and public relations theoretical frameworks should be adopted in studying public  266 RECENZJE diplomacy. It offers diverse views of public diplomacy’s definition and its relations with the international public relations field.


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