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Media and socio-cultural communication

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IREN Colloquium, Radio and Research: Directions and Predictions for the Future. Louvain-la-Neuve/Brussels, 9-10 November 2006.


Digital Radio Cultures in Europe (DRACE), was established in 2004 under the COST Action A20 “The Impact of the Internet on Mass Media in Europe”. The original configuration of the COST A20 group included provision for an internet and music research group but this was re-focussed following a re-organisation in which DRACE was more formally incorporated. The group comprises 14 researchers with specific interests in radio from Norway, Finland, Denmark, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, Croatia, the United Kingdom and Ireland. The objective of the research group is to be at the forefront of empirical research on changes in radio cultures arising from the move from analogue to digital broadcasting platforms. In addition to tracing the recent history of digital radio in Europe, the group has examined various strategies and scenarios for radio’s future development in European broadcasting. Research outcomes are aimed at media researchers with an interest in radio and new technology, policy makers, public service broadcasters and private businesses.