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Clonan, T., 2007: In The Line Of Fire: War Correspondents In Action, Dublin: The Irish Times.


As of the 1st of December of this year, 171 journalists and other media workers have been killed – most of them murdered – in 35 different countries across the world. Sixty four of this number were killed in Iraq. Many others were killed covering conflict in Afghanistan and elsewhere making 2007 the worst year on record for deaths among journalists and media workers worldwide. Most foreign, development and war correspondents believe that a sea-change has taken place in the opening decade of the 21st Century in the manner in which wars are being waged, with journalists being deliberately targeted by parties to conflicts from the Middle East to Asia and the African continent. This has fundamentally changed the way in which journalists are able to operate in conflict zones and has let to a tectonic shift in the manner in which we access information from these areas. This has led to a situation where many foreign correspondents believe that conflict zones have become ‘black holes’ with little or no real information making its way onto the western news agenda.