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From the Cd Flow My Tears:musical journeys with the Flight of the Earls. Performed by the Irish Traditional Music Ensemble and the Early Music Ensemble of the DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama and recorded in Saint Teresa's Church, Clarendon Street, Dublin, November 2006. Produced by Steve Cooney, recording engineer Ben Rawlins, early music co-ordinator Laoise O'Brien, CD co-ordinator Odhran O Casaide, executive producer Kerry Houston and graphic design Mark Greene.


Tabhair dom do lamh (Give me your hand) was composed by the harper Ruairi Dall O Cathain who spent most of his life in Scotland and is reputed to have attended the Scottish Court of King James in 1602. He composed Tabhair dom do lamh as a reconciliation with Lady Eglinton in 1603. It was published in 1724 as part of a collection of fifty harper-airs by the Neal Brothers of Christchurch Yard. The O Cathains themselves were participants in the events before and after the Flight of the Earls- Sir Donal O Cathain was incarcerated in the tower of London until his death in 1627. Mac Allisdrum's March is one of the great war marches of the era, honouring the Scot Alaster Mac Donald who was killed in 1647 at the battle of Knockanuss near Mallow, Co. Cork. He was a famous war leader and was the originator of the highland charge. Clan marches would have been played on the Irish bagpipe An Phiob Mhor with which they marched their armies and accompanied their dead to the grave.