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Universal Design & Higher Education in Transformation Congress,

30th October -2nd November 2018, Dublin Castle


The Norwegian mapping authority has been carrying out a project on mapping accessibility following a national standard since 2009. In the beginning, the mapping was organized and carried out by the Norwegian Mapping Authority. This resulted in the creation of a good basic dataset for many Norwegian districts and bigger district-centers and enabled us to develop a national standard. However, it also lead to that the districts often did not feel any responsibility or ownership of the dataset and therefore did not use it in the scope that was intended. As a result, the mapping responsibility was given to the districts in 2015. To kick-start the project, the districts could apply for funding that enabled them to buy the necessary equipment, take part in courses in methodology and cover some expenses for human resources. A further milestone is the development of different possibilities to access and use the data. The goal is to offer as many access ways as possible while taking existing work routines and software use within the districts into consideration. This is an ongoing project and while some access possibilities are already in place and working others are still under development and testing.

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