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Polytechnic Summit 2022


This roundtable discussion podcast comprises eight colleagues engaged in reflective discussion of their shared experiences of being members of SDG, a Community of Practice (CoP) first established in TU Dublin in 2020. This CoP focuses on and promotes the enhancement of Sustainability Literacy among student cohorts as one measure to be employed in strengthening Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in line with the broader strategic aims of the university. Harvey et al. (2021) in a case-based paper which includes examination of the CoP discussed here conclude that teaching and learning innovation took place as a consequence of the resource-sharing, idea-generation and overall peer support that CoP members experience. The voices you will hear in this podcast discussion represent the inter-disciplinary SDG Literacy academic community who all share an interest in the sustainability domain and are acutely aware of SDG4.7 which focuses on ensuring all learners acquire the knowledge and skills for sustainable development by 2030. Discussion themes include (i) our shared understanding of ESD, (ii) how membership of shaped our Teaching, Learning and Assessment (TLA) approaches in relation to ESD, Sustainability Literacy and Authentic Assessment, (iii) how membership of shaped our broader personal and professional development (research, collaboration, output etc.) and (iv) our future plans in relation to ESD and the CoP model. The podcast transcript has been annotated through footnotes to direct the listener/reader to further reading on the various topics that emerge in the discussion.



National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education