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5.3 EDUCATIONAL SCIENCES, Business and Management.

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European Conference on e-Learning, Kidmore End.


This paper reports on a range of active learning and online strategies that were introduced into an introductory accounting module. Up until recently the traditional lecture format, where students sit passively and the lecturer delivers the lecture, has been the dominant format in higher education. However, research has shown that formats which provide students with a more active and engaged learning environment result in deeper learning The active learning strategies discussed in this paper were based around an "Active Learning Exercise" where students worked in a cooperative group environment. Before, during and after the "Active Learning Exercise" an additional range of activities and online resources were made available to the students. These additional activities, which promote independent and lifelong learning, include the use of interactive material and cooperative in-class exercises. The additional range of online material included the use of apps, self-test quizzes and video tutorials. The findings indicate that the use of the active learning and online strategies discussed in this paper promoted a supportive classroom environment by increasing student interest and engagement. Both the active learning and online strategies helped create a positive impression on students regarding the quality of teaching.