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BEST Education Network Think Tank X, Networking for Sustainable Tourism, Modul University, Vienna, 2010


The DIT-ACHIEV Model is a model of sustainable tourism indicators developed in a previous research project undertaken by the School of Hospitality Management and Tourism, Dublin Institute of Technology. The indicators represent six fields of interest – Administration, Community, Heritage, Infrastructure, Enterprise and Visitor (Flanagan et al, 2007). This current research addresses the implementation of the DIT- ACHIEV model in an Irish tourism destination, with the objective to assess whether it can be implemented by the local community in any tourism destination.

The methodology used to implement the model is based on recommendations by Goodey (1995) and Denman (2006). Goodey suggests that a local network of interested parties is required to achieve sustainable tourism (1995). Denman proposes that a multi-interest working group should be created and wide public consultation is necessary for sustainable tourism. The model is being piloted in Killarney and Carlingford, Ireland; the two destinations were selected via a competitive tender process. This paper will discuss the challenges encountered following the methodology in Killarney.



EPA, Failte Ireland