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Presentation at Tourism and Hospitality Research in Ireland, Conference, Dundalk, Ireland (2007)


While it is generally agreed that sustainability is the only long term path for tourism the question of how it should be measured (or attained) remains a challenge. Based on a 2 year EPA funded project this paper traces the development of indicators for sustainable tourism and discusses how they would be of considerable benefit to both government agencies and tourist interests, in the determination of management objectives for an area. It outlines a model of sustainable tourism indicators which was developed and suggests how this model could be adopted by tourism managers.

The objectives of the paper are to explore the challenge of balancing the three pillars of sustainability - environment, economy and society in the development of a practical model of sustainable tourism development. In addition to examine how indicators can be used to develop a viable tourism product in both the immediate and long term and thereby ensure a broad range of sustainable principles are adhered to in the management of this important industry.



EPA / Failte Ireland

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