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This research is the final output of the research project Diversity and Intercultural Inclusivity in Hospitality at TU Dublin (D&ICIH), funded by the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Directorate of TU Dublin in 2022.


This handbook is the final output of the research project Diversity & Intercultural Inclusion in Hospitality (D&ICIH), a TU Dublin’s EDI-funded project that aimed to understand the challenges, barriers, and cultural differences that migrant workers experiences in cafes, cafeterias, catering services and restaurants on university campuses experiences. The research also focused on exploring the gender dimension of how migrant women perceive hospitality work, combined with an intersectionality approach (with a focus on gender and socio-economic status) looking to identify multiple factors of advantages and disadvantages in work and life with in-depth and thematic interviews. The Handbook particularly focuses on two directions: challenges migrants face in their migration process and working in hospitality at the university and recommendations for different stakeholders operating on campus. To address these challenges, the handbook also suggests ways to promote a fairer and more equitable university environment. The recommendations are broken down for various stakeholders: Campus Community (students, staff and public); University Management (EDI Directorate, HR, managers from different schools, management team of the campuses); Outsourcing Hospitality Companies; and Migrants Hospitality Workers themselves.



Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Directorate

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