Process Modelling Support for the Conceptual Modelling Phase of a Simulation Project

Cathal Heavy, University of Limerick
John Ryan, Dublin Institute of Technology

Document Type Conference Paper

37th Winter Simulation Conference 2006 (Invited Paper)


While many developments have taken place around supporting
the model coding task of simulation, there are few tools
available to assist in the conceptual modelling phase. Several
authors have reported the advantages of using process
modelling tools in the early phases of a simulation project.
This paper provides an overview of process modelling tools
in relation to their support for simulation, categorizing the
tools into formal method and descriptive methods. A conclusion
from this review is that none of the tools available
adequately support the requirements gathering phase of
simulation. This is not surprising as none of the process
modelling tools were developed for explicit support of simulation.
The paper then presents results of research into
developing a new process modelling method for simulation.