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Unemployment: the need for change, edited by Anto T. Kerins. Dublin College of Catering/Boole Press, 1988. ISBN:0906783879 (Hbk) ISBN:0906783828 (Pbk) Contact details for the author:Anto T. Kerins, Technological University Dublin, Cathal Brugha Street, Dublin I, Ireland.


Unemployment is the most important problem facing Ireland today. Politicians and public servants, employers and employees, academics and ordinary citezens are becoming increasingly concerned at the large number of people without work. Most countries throughout the world share this problem with us but Ireland's level is high even by international standards. Consequently, practical and useful solutions are urgently needed. This publication brings together a number of specialists from Ireland and abroad who provide insight and proposals on various aspects of the probelm. The material in the following chapters is provided by two different groups of people- academics and public representatives.