The DIT-ACHIEV Model of Sustainable Tourism Management: the trials and tribulations of indicator models

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Chapter 11 in Phillips, R. & Budruk, M. (2010) Quality of Life and Community Indicators for Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management, Springer, USApp 201-229


This chapter is composed of two parts. Part A outlines the development of the DIT-ACHIEV Model for the Sustainable Management of Tourism, and Part B presents a discussion on its implementation, with particular emphasis on how community actors have been involved in its testing and implementation. This model of sustainable tourism indicators has been developed by the School of Hospitality Management and Tourism, Technological University Dublin (DIT) and is endorsed by the Irish Environmental Protection Agency and Fáilte Ireland (the National Tourism Development Authority of the Republic of Ireland). The model is designed to mitigate against the negative impacts of tourism and guide a destination towards a broad range activities which will encourage movement towards true sustainability. The model comprises six Fields of Interest, the initials of which, lead to its name: • Administration, • Community, • Heritage, • Infrastructure, • Enterprise and • Visitor.

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