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Business and Management., 5.7 SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY

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Gorman, C. (2006) Chap 10. The Use of Relationship Marketing in Developing Network and Co-operative links within Tourism Product Marketing Groups (PMG’s) pp. 149-169 in Tourism Local Systems and Networking (eds. Lazzeretti, L. and Petrillo, C.) Elsevier, 2010


Co-operative marketing groups are common in tourism, particularly in the case of destination marketing. Destination tourism marketing groups offer a diverse range of tourism products and experiences which complement each other and are delineated by a specific geographical parameter. Tourism product marketing groups offer similar tourism products or services and through a co-operative approach focus on an identified target markets. Co-operative marketing can make greater impact in terms of market presence and can be more cost effective. Members need to see the value in their membership in order to remain involved. Many tourism product providers are SMTE’s (Small and Medium Tourism Enterprises) and as tourism is recognised as a fragmented business, peripherality may play a role in isolating some providers. Co-operative marketing and evolving relationships can help to create a common group identity and a sense of belonging. Socio cultural issues, evaluation of product vision, perceived value as well as many of the constructs associated with the concepts of co-operative marketing, networking and relationship marketing, are explored with a view to understanding a more effective and efficient method of product marketing.