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Destinations revisited, proceedings of the ATLAS conference, Viana do Castelo, Portugal, 2007. Part 1: Visitors. Edited by J. Edwards and R. Vaughan ATLAS publications


Tourism can generate substantial benefits to destination communities and has featured extensively in urban regeneration policy, but whilst there is now an extensive literature covering urban tourism and dockland regeneration, visitor perceptions of urban waterfront destinations and their on-site behaviour and experience remain largely unexplored. The paper focuses on the Quays in Salford, the city’s former docklands, which has been regenerated and repositioned as its flagship tourism product. It reports the findings from a questionnaire survey of visitors’ perceptions, behaviour and experience of the Quays. A principal components analysis revealed that four product performance dimensions: ‘primary attractions’, ‘secondary attractions’, ‘access’ and ‘environment’, explained 62 percent of the variance in the data and just under 38 percent of overall visitor satisfaction. Furthermore, the destination’s secondary features, explained more of the variance in visitor satisfaction than its primary attractions, which in turn, were more influential than the environment and access components. The implications of the findings for destination marketing and management are discussed.