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Sociology, Women's and gender studies

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In Journal of Vacation Marketing, Apr 2004; vol. 10: pp. 149 - 160. Available from


The purpose of this study is to explore household tourism decision making. There is an extensive literature on consumer choice in general1,2,3. In terms of tourism, the main focus has been on motivational factors4,5,6. However, as part of the emergence of a literature which studies the issues of tourism and gender, there are some authors who focus on holiday decision making7,8,9. In this context the focus here is the distinctive roles and power relations within a couple. The study is exploratory in nature and employs a self administered questionnaire. It is concluded that the overall consumption of a holiday is largely a joint decision, but when the purchase is broken down into different stages females have a dominant role in the early stages of the process, possibly making them the gatekeepers.