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Food and beverages, Business and Management.

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A dissertation presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the MSc in hospitality


The principal objective of this dissertation is to investigate customer expectations and perceptions of service in the restaurant sector in Ireland. Chapter 1: Serves as an introduction to the dissertation, it outlines the research objectives, the rationale for the research while evaluating customer satisfaction. It also looks at service personnel while measuring the cost of quality and reviewing customer equity considerations. Chapter 2: Acquaints the reader with material from alternative sources, it describes the restaurant environment, identifies the implications and characteristics of service, examines the role of the service quality classification, it states the early approaches to service and looks at service expectations. Chapter 3: Outlines the research methodology the author went about to finalise the dissertation. Starting with the research objectives, examining the approaches to methodology, primary research, explores the survey structure and survey arrangements. Chapter 4: Present the conclusions of the primary research such as demographics, respondents spending power, the selection of the restaurants, perceptions and expectations of the dining experience. Chapter 5: Analyses the findings and proposes recommendations based on what the author has learned throughout his research and looks at the new driving forces facing the restaurant service industry.