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Murphy, J. (2011). 'A Cocktail Menu is Essential to Growing Sales, p. 36, Licensing World, Jemma Publications Ltd: Dublin.


The earliest mention of a cocktail menu list in Ireland dates back to Saturday 10th July 1886 when the original Burlington Hotel, Andrew Street, Dublin advertised it’s range of available cocktails (Irish Times Ltd, p.7). The cocktail menu has indeed been around quite a long time but unfortunately a lot of bars do not afford it the same level of attention which they would give to their food or wine menus. Your cocktail menu is a most crucial component towards creating the right image, attention to detail and innovative approaches to your bars cocktails for your customers. The menus form, layout, content, and perhaps even the character of the menu can provide your customers with an insight into the very heart of your bar. In most cases, the menu placed in front of a customer (in the bar or over the internet) is the only chance that you have to communicate what your unique product is, and why it is better then your competitors. Cocktails allow your bar to create a unique night out for your customers which they will be happy to talk about next morning back in the office at work or in college. Who wouldn't want to take advantage of the extra margins cocktails can give you?