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Culinary Arts, Food Culture, Food Studies, *Irish Food Studies

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Banaditsch, J. (2023). The Magic of Flowers’:An Explorative Study into the Ways Floral Decorations Influence the Experience of Guests in a Food Setting, in Contemporary Ireland (Unpublished MA Dissertation, TU Dublin).


This research project explores the influence of floral decorations on the experience of a diner in a food setting in contemporary Ireland by examining what and how dining experiences are designed, where floral decorations are relevant in this context and how they specifically influence people in these settings.

The research was conducted using the philosophical worldview of interpretivism. In order to answer the five sub-research questions and thus achieve the research aim, the research draws on existing literature on hospitality experiences, literature on the influence of flowers and qualitative primary research conducted through semi-structured in-depth interviews with flower providers and hospitality experience providers and a focus group with consumers/guests. The primary data was then analysed using thematic analysis and grouped into four themes.

The main findings were an increased awareness of the emotional components that shape the overall perceived experience. It was also shown how flowers in the eating out industry, as natural living beings, evoke positive emotions in people and which emotions, rooted in love, affection, care and appreciation, are evoked by the gesture of giving flowers. These positive emotions influence the guest’s satisfaction with the dining experience and shape the perception of all other components of the dining scenario.

As flowers embody the core values of hospitality, they also influence the host’s image and ability to provide hospitality and a scale on which guests asses it.


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