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This presentation was given to delegates and guests attending the 'Skills and Training Village at the 2014 Hospitality EXPO, which ran over 2 days (4-5th February) in the RDS Main Hall, Ballsbridge, Dublin. This national exhibition which has being running for the last 30 years is organised by Sean Le Mass (Managing Director, SDL Exhibition Ltd). The exhibition attracts members of the hospitality, tourism and retail industries offering the latest innovations, dedicated advice, specialist presentations and focused discussions sessions with top industry professionals.


Recent research studies indicate that customers and individuals are drinking no more than their parents were drinking 15 years ago but the frequency, strength of drinks, and amount of drinks consumed per session has increased. These irrational drinking patterns have created a binge drinking culture. Bar staff and management have the task of serving and dealing with all types of people from all walks of life and status of society, this is an enjoyable and rewarding part of the job. However there are many occasions when they have to deal with people who may well have on occasion for various reasons consumed too much alcohol. This situation requires considerable patience, tact, firmness and above all experience. Alcohol awareness and responsible service can ultimately lead to informed and wise decision making by all bar staff. This special presentation some of the major issues and challenges involved within this area.