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Training Village at the 2014 Hospitality EXPO, which ran over 2 days (4-5th February) in the RDS Main Hall, Ballsbridge, Dublin. This national exhibition which has being running for the last 30 years is organised by Sean Le Mass (Managing Director, SDL Exhibition Ltd). The exhibition attracts members of the hospitality, tourism and retail industries offering the latest innovations, dedicated advice, specialist presentations and focused discussions sessions with top industry professionals.


The many challenges to the bar industry today include increased competition from a variety of entertainment sources, Bar owners recognize that other establishments are providing a similar offering sometimes at lower prices. This realization has brought about an increased focus on the care of customers and their viewpoints. Customers encounters can include attitudes of indifference from staff and poor overall service. Dissatisfied customers usually talk to others about their dissatisfaction and the negative effect of this outcome can paralyze, all your best pro-active customer and marketing efforts. It costs, on average, five times as much to win a new customer as it does to keep an old one. Bars put enormous efforts into winning new customers and very little into customer care and retention. This special presentation addresses these challenges and offers practical solutions and advice to business owners.