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Presented at THRIC Conference, Belfast, Ireland - June 2012 and EuroCHRIE Conference,Lausanne Switzerland - October 2012.


This paper analyses trends in the international hotel industry and provides insights into the trends that are most likely to influence future business success. Trends, such as, design, social and lifestyle changes, the eco-hotel, the historically significant hotel, the sports hotel, the health spa, the quirky hotel, the boutique hotel and the fashionable hotel which are differentiating the traditional hotel product are discussed. This paper is based on primary and secondary research providing a comprehensive snapshot of trends in the sector. Primary research was carried out through an in-depth study and content analysis of hotels worldwide.

These hotels are now focusing on differentiating themselves to such an extent that the hotel is the tourist attraction and is an integral part of the stay. Indeed, it has been suggested that a hotel that has achieved individuality would almost certainly be difficult to replicate.

This paper provides insights into the implications of these trends for operators and educators of hotel businesses nationally and internationally and considers the need for the provision of a unique means of diversification from the traditional hotel product of food and accommodation to a consideration of adding value by providing facilities and products making it the focus of the holiday / stay destination.


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