Interview with Michael O'Halloran (11th October 2012)

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Interdisciplinary, History, 6.5 OTHER HUMANITIES

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Michael O'Halloran imanterviewed by Dr. Máirtín Mac Con Iomaire and Mary Kavanagh MA. Ed. on 11th October 2012 in DIT Cathal Brugha Street.


This interview with Michael O'Halloran covers his early childhood, family backround in the Bakery industry, his education and apprenticeship in Bolands Bakery and the National Bakery School, Kevin Street. Michael talks about working conditions and technological practices in Bolands Bakery and also the curriculum within the Bakery School in the early 1950s. He discusses the key individuals, particularly the Bakery School's founder John Swift, responsible for instigating formal Bakery education in Ireland. John also discusses the Irish Bakers Union and its involvement with education and its gradual demise.

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