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Sociology, Cultural and economic geography, Interdisciplinary, History, 6.5 OTHER HUMANITIES

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Mac Con Iomaire, M. (2011). The Changing Geography and Fortunes of Dublin's Haute Cuisine Restaurants, 1958-2008. Food, Culture and Society: An International Journal of Multidisiplinary Research. Vol. 14, Issue 4, pp. 525-545.


This paper considers the changing geography and fortunes of Dublin’s haute cuisine restaurants over the last half century, placing them within both a national and international context. Ireland’s place within the global story of food is discussed, and the paper illustrates links between Dublin and European and global trends. The paper points out that Dublin in the 1950s could be seen as the gastronomic capital of the British Isles. The leading restaurateurs are briefly profiled, and the decline, stagnation, and gradual re-birth of Dublin’s haute cuisine restaurants over the 1958-2008 period is charted and discussed. The paper combines data from the Central Statistics Office, the Egon Ronay Guide, and the Michelin Guide, with oral histories of leading chefs, waiters and restaurateurs to provide a robust account of the story of haute cuisine in Dublin restaurants for the last five decades.