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5.3 EDUCATIONAL SCIENCES, 5.4 SOCIOLOGY, Social issues, History

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Published by Dublin's Culture Connects 2017.

Compiled & Edited By Bernadette Larkin, Dublin's Culture Connects: The National Neighbourhood, Dublin, 2017 ... Black & White Illustrations by Jennie Moran Map illustrations by Ida Mitrani Original Photography by Jeanette Lowe Walks & Local History Content Donal Fallon.


A project about food, with Dublin City Council and The National Library, prompted by a bid for European City of Culture 2020, which takes in the area of the city from the mouth of the River Liffey up to Stoneybatter on the Northside, and involves retired Dockworkers, a homework club on Greek Street, a group of women who grew up near the markets, and several other communities we don’t know exist yet but will want to know more about — to be concluded inside three months?” Oh yes. In our role of boisterous intruders in these selfcontained, well-hidden worlds, we will hear remarkable stories: a mislaid elephant in Dublin Port; a small child lowering elevenses into the bowels of a ship to his Father, waist-deep in coal; an unexpected grá of cabbage water among innercity 12-year-olds; thirty-six Flake bars wrapped per minute on the Cadbury production line; three thousand people queuing for food parcels on Christmas week just gone. These things charm, amuse, appal us. There are swarms of facts and anecdotes which will cajole us down ever more worthwhile diversions.