Teaching Fellowships were established in 2009 as part of Cycle II of the HEA’s Strategic Innovation Funded Enhancement of Learning (EoL) strand of the Dublin Region Higher Education Alliance (DRHEA), and since 2013 the Fellowships have been financially supported by the Institute. The aim of the Teaching Fellowships is to support key college based educational research projects linked to the wider strategic aims of the TU Dublin in relation to learning, teaching and assessment. The title of “Teaching Fellow” is awarded to an individual or a team, nominated by the college and who would undertake a research project to support the enhancement of learning and/or curriculum development at a programme, school or college level over a period of one academic year. It is intended that evidence gathered from the studies will be utilised to inform relevant policy, practice or similar institutional research activities into the future. The establishment of Teaching Fellowships has been a very successful venture for TU Dublin. A publication is produced annually comprising reports of each Fellowship: its aims, implementation, outcomes and recommendations for future work. These reports are now included in Arrow for wider dissemination of the Fellowship projects both within TU Dublin and beyond.


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