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1.2 COMPUTER AND INFORMATION SCIENCE, Information Science, Bioinformatics

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IADIS 2010 Freiburg, Germany


The two-level model based specifications for electronic health record communication EHRcom (ISO 13606) and openEHR both support the embedding of terminological references in Archetypes. This terminological binding can be created manually by a health terminology expert during Archetype design, and the binding is assessed during Archetype evaluation. There has also been some recent work on using lexical queries to generate term sets to represent concepts in Archetypes. This work created an information construct which we call a Terminological Shadow that links Archetype nodes to sets of candidate concepts from a terminology system. The coding scheme used for this work is SNOMED-CT. The proposed Shadows can be used to facilitate the mapping between an Archetype information model and terminological systems. A framework, which also acts as an analysis tool, has been created to construct Shadows from Archetypes. The work also demonstrates how the framework can be used to evaluate different searching algorithms by comparing the search results to the existing bound SNOMED codes.