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Construction engineering


The construction industry is currently undergoing a profound digital transformation, primarily driven by the innovative concept of digital twins. The United Kingdom's National Digital Twin Programme (NDTp) stands as a visionary initiative striving to establish a cohesive digital ecosystem wherein all forms of infrastructure, both existing and newly constructed, are replicated in the digital realm. Digital twins are not merely static visual representations; they serve as the cornerstone for a comprehensive information management framework that enables real-time data sharing. This data-sharing capability spans the entire lifecycle of construction projects. What makes this technology particularly powerful is its capacity to facilitate advanced simulations, which are instrumental in assessing the implications of new constructions and even modelling potential natural disasters. The simulations can have a substantial impact on improving infrastructure performance, productivity, transparency, and resource efficiency. The A-EYE Control Tower project aligns its vision with the Digital Twin innovation, both striving to advance the construction industry into a new era characterised by data-driven decision-making. Their joint mission is to elevate construction productivity and foster transparency among stakeholders.



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