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Paper presented at the Higher Education in Transformation Conference, Dublin, 31st. May - 1st. April, 2015.


The mobility experience is not confined to the sphere of upward social and economic mobility but, in equal measure, to geographical, linguistic and cultural mobility as a function of the public role of the university. Effects of mobility can be registered in terms of their impact on the university directly, the impact of such mobility on society generally, and its impact on those who participate in mobility opportunities in particular. The paper begins with a general overview of ideas and intentions underpinning mobility which in turn inform and are informed by policy considerations in a European Union context. Since mobility is essentially a developmental experience for students the paper discusses ideas which underpin their use of Student Diary Pro to tract their learning development by measuring their learning against agreed competencies. In the third section of this paper, the authors make observations based on samples drawn from student entries in Student Diary Pro while abroad.