There is a wide range of micro and macro renewable and sustainable energy methods available for reducing the inefficient use of fossil fuels, minimising carbon emissions and maximising energy use in a clean and environment-friendly process. Solar energy plays an important role due to its abundance and ubiquity. Solar air heaters convert solar energy into hot air to be used for heating and drying of various products. The objective of this paper is to define and optimise the geometry of an inverted absorber compound parabolic concentrating (IACPC) collector for air heating. This optimisation was developed based on an optical analysis performed by means of a ray tracing technique. The optimal geometry was designed to absorb the highest amount of thermal energy with the minimum quantity of reflective material and to operate for at least 8 hours a day during summer. Based on the energy output of the optical concentrator developed, the system has the potential to reduce energy demands for buildings, living accommodation and drying materials.