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In search of a model of teaching competencies for engineering education, we led a focus group discussion as a workshop at SEFI2023, where we got practitioners’ perspectives on essential competencies for teaching. These were compared to a model of teaching competencies called the S2L model, developed and used at a technical university in Sweden. The aim of the workshop was to enrich the participants’ understanding of which competencies are essential for teaching and to challenge and improve the S2L model. After the workshop, the competencies collected from the participants were analysed using content analysis. The results show that the teaching competencies suggested by the participants fit into the S2L model, giving the model support. The participants agreed that a model for teaching competencies is very useful for educators, for example, in self-development and when supporting new colleagues, as a checklist and a common language. They also expressed that the workshop had widened their views on teaching competencies.


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