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In response to COVID-19, education witnessed a rapid shift to online and virtual platforms. Our previous research has raised questions about the efficacy of these methods for hands-on practice and active learning experiences - crucial elements of engineering education. Emergent solutions like online laboratories and virtual field trips have led to the rise of a hybrid learning era in the post-pandemic context. This change necessitates a reassessment of active learning in hybrid/online engineering education. In this study, we examine recent literature on online and virtual education during and post-COVID-19 to redefine and reevaluate strategies for engaging students actively. We propose using VOSViewer to analyze the occurrence of keywords in postCOVID-19 literature to define a visualization between the interests in research and the content of key papers in situating active learning for hybrid/online education. We analyze the evolution of active learning theory, outline its characteristics in the new era, and propose a literature review focusing on how digital technology can synergize with learning approaches to foster active learning. We also address concerns related to hands-on practice and active learning and discuss innovations developed to mitigate these challenges. Our goal is to provide fresh insights and stimulate further research on enhancing active learning within hybrid/online engineering education in the post-pandemic era.


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