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Universidad Francisco de Vitoria (UFV) in Madrid (Spain) and Universidad Vasco de Quiroga (UVAQ) in Morelia (Mexico) seek the comprehensive academic training of students: not the mere development of technical skills, but also the personal and soft skills that enable them to face their professional reality.

Educational missions in both institutions aim for sustainable development oriented towards people and the societies in which they are immersed. Their substantial actions have been designed, in such a way that active methodologies and innovative proposals are included. Among them, it is worth highlighting the provision of a personalized support system for students, in which, through a competence itinerary with their tutors, issues are addressed to help them to full development.

An added value has been identified by applying this mentoring system at engineering programs (mainly based on hard skills), when supporting students in the development of other skills.

A comparative study was carried out on the differences and similarities of the programs of both universities, from the point of view of the people who mentor and guide students. Thanks to those contributions, we have information that will allow us to adapt the processes and thus respond more adequately to the needs of engineering students in their first undergraduate degree courses. The focus group technique and a survey were used in the process.


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