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A method to develop Entrepreneurship Education in any regular Engineering course is presented. The method is based in a team of students working on the description of the idea for the development of a real start-up using a structured approach trained by a business advisor and by the teacher. The team analyses the problem, the potential market, the solution, the development and the financing challenges of the start-up. The team works the Case development along an Engineering Course related with the technology of the start-up. The dedication of each student to the Case development is 25 hours, working along the different phases of the analysis and synthesis, mentored by the business advisor and the teacher. The added value of the experience is based on: first, the preparation and development of a 1 hour interview of the student team with one of the founders of the company, usually the CEO; second, a weekly validation of the technological value proposition with the business advisor, as part of the analysis. Along with the interview, the student team will consolidate their findings and debate with the CEO about their own ideas, being a process full of positive adrenaline and creating a very significant engagement along the whole course. The approach has been tested in two academic years, working 4 cases with the collaboration of 4 start-ups of EIT InnoEnergy. The results of the student surveys demonstrate the validity and engagement level of the approach.


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