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There is an agreement regarding the importance of communication in the promotion processes of all types of technical or entrepreneurial initiatives. Communication skills have to make it possible to obtain the maximum interaction with the agents involved and facilitate the commitment of these agents to a project. In this context, communicators’ erroneous perception of their own abilities and of how they are transmitting the information is a significant drawback that calls for improvement. Video-recording someone when speaking creates an impact on them given that the possibility of seeing themselves implies a significant change in the learning process. This technique has been applied as part of the teaching activities in the energy engineering master at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and InnoEnergy. In the experience developed, the students follow a first block in which they analyse a technological opportunity and subsequently detail a proposal to develop this opportunity. They prepare an oral presentation to deliver their proposal. This presentation is video-recorded and is the starting point of a second block of the course. In this block, some concepts and guidelines on communication are presented. Finally, a new proposal presentation based on the analysis and improvement of the previous presentation carried out is delivered. We conclude that these procedures can lay the ground for novel guidelines in the area of communication skills for technological innovation projects promotion.


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