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The availability of video lectures and hybrid formats in higher education has increased significantly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Predominantly, however, instructional content has simply been translated 1-to-1 into video formats regardless of effectiveness and students' needs. Interaction and diversity in content delivery were often missing. This practice paper presents an ongoing investigation on how lecture content can be presented within an online learning platform in order to meet the individual learning types of students and to address actual usage behaviour, potentially enabling a positive effect on learning outcomes. By creating learning paths, students can choose from different content modes, such as interactive video material, image hotspots and text material, and internalize the content according to their individual learning types. In addition, surveys are used to identify their motivation for choosing the content form as well as the extent to which this was helpful to successfully complete examination assignments. The results of the surveys will be analyzed and used for further improvements. Through the targeted use of different content modes, the positive aspects of online teaching can be furthered while strengthening the knowledge of the students individually in order to best prepare students for the complexity of a future work environment.


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