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The 3-year Bachelor Programme in Software Development study program at Kristianstad University, Sweden, aims to integrate not only academic competencies and skills in subject courses but also critical thinking skills on how Computer Science can contribute to achieving the sustainable development goals.

Starting from an understanding of the sustainable development goals, students begin a process of designing and implementing applications for some specific goals. Through participation in various activities, students exchange the ideas and perspectives, and are challenged to consider multiple solutions to complex problems. The students' critical thinking, communicative abilities, and the ability to solve problems both individually as in groups are developed in a clear progression through the education.

This contribution aims to provide an overview of the sustainable development track in the programme, as well as in-depth presentations of some of the courses covered. The main objective of the study was to gather students' perspectives and feedback on the relevance and importance of sustainable development goals in the context of computer science. Students’ views have been evaluated through the survey.


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