Plenary Presentations and Doctoral Symposium

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The 7th SEFI Doctoral Symposium in Engineering Education Research, held at the campus of Technological University Dublin on Sunday, September 10th, preceded the SEFI 2023 Annual Conference. In all, 37 Ph.D. researchers attended, which is a record number for this event. They came to share and further probe their Ph.D. research topics and plans of study and to strengthen and extend their professional networks. During this full and intense day, 27 established scholars provided the Ph.D. researchers with personal feedback and ideas regarding their research. The highlight, according to the Ph.D. student participants, was the warm and enthusiastic reception they received from the well-established seniors of the global engineering education research community. Although SEFI is a European organization, the Ph.D. researchers and senior advisers who attended travelled to Ireland for this event from Africa, Australia, and South and North America, and from all over Europe.


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