Myopia Control in the Republic of Ireland

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Poster presentation, British Contact Lens Association clinical conference 2021


Purpose: to estimate how many independent optical practices in the Republic of Ireland (ROI) are offering myopia control options to patients and parents.

Methods: 346 independent optical practices were identified in the ROI using a listing provided on the Association of Optometrists Ireland website. All practices identified were emailed to ask if they practised any myopia control. Practice websites (where available) were examined to see if myopia control was mentioned as a service offered. Some practices believed to be offering myopia control were phoned directly to ascertain if they were practising myopia control. This research was carried out between Feb and March 2019 (i.e. pre-covid restrictions in the ROI).

Results: 17 independent practices in the ROI were identified as having fitted patients with contact lenses for myopia control. Five of the 17 were not advertising myopia control on their websites. Several practitioners who were not advertising myopia control on their websites reported that they still felt that they were in the early stages of learning about myopia control and were therefore only offering it to patients and parents who enquired about it directly.

Conclusions: In spite of the increase in licensed contact lens options for myopia control in the ROI and the relative ease with which suitable patients could be fitted with myopia control lenses, practitioners still appear reluctant to engage in the practice.

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