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Optics, Automation and control systems

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OSA Publishing > Applied Optics > Volume 57 > Issue 22 > Page E131


The problems presented by counterfeit products and documentation are discussed. Limitations of existing holograms for anti-counterfeit applications are described. We describe the advantages of full holographic serialisation and the requirements in terms of materials and techniques for mass production of true serialised holograms. These requirements having been met, we report for the first time the mass production of fully serialised holograms. The novelty of approach consists of the direct use of product manufacturer’s information as the object in a holographic recording system along with a self-processing photopolymer and modular optical system to facilitate mass production of truly serialised volume holograms.

Various types of serialised holograms for overt and covert authentication are described. We discuss briefly the application of Optrace’s manufacturing methods for future generation holographic devices