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Proceedings of the International Conference on Integrability, recursion operators and soliton interactionsSofia, Bulgaria, 29-31 August.


This volume contains selected papers based on the talks,presentedat the Conference Integrability, Recursion Operators and Soliton Interactions, held in Sofia, Bulgaria (29-31 August 2012) at the Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Included are also invited papers presenting new research developments in the thematic area. The Conference was dedicated to the 65-th birthday of our esteemed colleague and friend Vladimir Gerdjikov. The event brought together more than 30 scientists, from 6 European countries to celebrate Vladimir's scientific achievements. All participants enjoyed a variety of excellent talks in a friendly and stimulating atmosphere. The main topics of the conference were those where Vladimir has contributed enormously during his career: integrable nonlinear partial differential equations, underlying algebraic and geometric structures of the integrable systems, soliton solutions, soliton interactions, quantum integrable systems, discrete integrable systems and applications of the nonlinear models. The papers, included in this volume will be useful to researchers with interests in these areas.