Submissions from 2019


Integrable Models of Internal Gravity Water Waves Beneath a Flat Surface, Alan Compelli, Rossen Ivanov, and Tony Lyons

Submissions from 2017

Groups, Modules, and Model Theory - Surveys and Recent Developments : An Appreciation of Rudiger Gobel to appear in the book:, Brendan Goldsmith

Submissions from 2014


Integrability, Recursion Operators and Soliton Interactions, Boyka Aneva, Georgi Grahovski, Rossen Ivanov, and Dimitar Mladenov

Submissions from 2008


Anti-isomorphisms and the failure of duality, Brendan Goldsmith, A. L. S. Corner, and S. Wallutis

Submissions from 1998


Isomorphic automorphism groups of torsion-free p-adic modules, Brendan Goldsmith and A. L. S. Corner


Endomorphism rings and automorphism groups of separable torsion-free modules over valuation domains, Brendan Goldsmith and P. Zanardo